6 Window Treatments Designed for Home Automation

Hunter Douglas’ PowerView® Motorization will completely transform the way you think of your window treatments. Let Interiors: Blinds & Designs, serving Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayetteville, Senoia, Tyrone, and the surrounding areas in Georgia, show you six window treatments that PowerView® Motorization will enhance.

Motorized Window Treatments

PowerView® Motorization is the most advanced operation system available from Hunter Douglas. This operation system gives you complete control of your window treatments with the simple touch of a button or without ever having to control your windows at all. Compatible with a number of home automation systems or as a stand-alone system, PowerView® Motorization will save you money on heating and cooling costs, make your daily routine simple, and keep your home safe.


Applause® honeycomb shades are fully compatible with Hunter Douglas’ PowerView® Motorization. These shades offer a huge variety of streamlined fabrics and colors that will never restrict your style needs. These shades feature a cellular, honeycomb design that prevents the transfer of heat through your window from in and out of your home. When paired with PowerView™, these shades can save you even more money by automatically keeping your windows covered during the hottest and coldest parts of the day.

Design Studio™

Design Studio™ Roman shades allow you to run wild with your personal style. These shades come in four distinct styles, a huge variety of beautiful fabrics, and can be customized in many more ways, like fold styles and tapes, to meet all your décor needs. In addition to your décor needs, these shades offer excellent light diffusion and can be modified to provide blackout lighting. With the addition of PowerView®, your shades can even become an extra layer of security for your home. Program your shades to move throughout the day while you are not home to deter home invasion and crime.


Provenance® woven wood shades are uniquely crafted with light-filtering grasses, woods, and reeds for a natural but sophisticated look. These shades come in five distinct styles that will transform your home with beautiful light filtration, turning sunlight into enchanting designs across your room. When paired with PowerView®, these shades will give you incredible light control that you can program to adjust at specific times of the day for optimal lighting to enhance your whole room.

EverWood® TruGrain®

EverWood® TruGrain® blinds are a wood-grain inspired alternative to hardwood blinds. These heavy-duty blinds will give you the look of a traditional wood blind but the ability to withstand any humidity or heat level. When paired with the PowerView® system, you have complete control over your window treatments. Whenever you need to adjust the tilt of your blinds, simply click a button and redirect the sun for ideal lighting at all times of the day without ever needing to get up.

The Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades

The Alustra® Collection of Roller Shades blends unique fibers with sophisticated style for a window treatment that will make a statement in any décor. With superior light control options ranging from light-filtering to room-darkening, these roller shades seamlessly blend style and function to meet your décor needs. Paired with PowerView® Motorization, these roller shades can go beyond your window treatment expectations and automatically close at specific times of the day to keep you feeling secure in your home without ever having to second guess if your windows are drawn.

The Alustra® Collection of Pirouette®

Lastly, The Alustra® Collection of Pirouette® shades combine incredible functionality with beautiful textures and fabrics for the perfect shading in any room. Featuring soft vanes that float above a sheer backing, these shades give your windows a dramatic appearance with incredible light diffusion. Pair these shades with PowerView® Motorization and set a schedule of operation so your home is always as bright as it can be, decreasing your need for artificial lighting, and thus reducing energy costs.

If you have more questions about PowerView® Motorization, the products available with this system, or the benefits of motorized window treatments for your home, contact Interiors: Blinds & Designs today and talk to one of our design experts!