Should I Choose Wood or Faux Wood Shutters

Plantation shutters are an excellent design choice for any home, but choosing between wood or faux wood shutters can be difficult. Many things need to be considered when choosing between natural wood and a man-made faux wood material. At Interiors: Blinds and Designs our professionals can help you sift through the pros and cons and help you make the best choice for you and your home.

Natural Wood

When considering natural wood shutters - the natural grain of the wood, the variation of rich color, and the luster of real wood are a definite plus. The natural beauty of real wood is undeniably a positive. The type of wood that is used in our Hunter Douglas shades and shutters collection is beautiful as well as durable. Wood shutters offer the homeowner an unlimited number of color choices as well. Many customers choose to paint the shutters to match the trim color of their home, allowing the shutters to fit into their design scheme. They can also be stained, and the stain can be customized to match your furniture, trim or cabinetry. Wood shutters are also light in weight and are stronger than faux wood shutters. They provide durability and flexibility when it comes to the size of the shutter panels. Wood shutters allow you to use larger panels because of their lighter weight.

Faux Wood

Just as the natural wood shutters offer benefits, faux wood shutters offer benefits of their own. The poly material that they are made of is very durable and long-lasting. Their color will hold through the life of the shutters. They can also be less expensive because the poly material is typically less expensive than natural wood. So if you are remodeling on a tight budget and money is an issue, faux wood may be an option for you to consider. Another advantage to the faux wood is that it is resistant to moisture. If your windows are in a place where they are going to be susceptible to moisture then the poly material may work better for you. These shutters are not prone to warping in humid, moist conditions. In addition, Poly shutters are heavier than wood so if you need a larger size panel this option may not work for you. Our Blinds and Designs staff can help you determine if the shutter panel size you are looking at will work with this option.

Hybrid Plantation Shutters

With Our New Style Hybrid shutters, you can get the best of both worlds. Hybrid shutters are made from a composite of wood and man-made materials so you get the durability of faux wood shutters and more of the natural beauty of wood shutters. They come in more color choices than traditional faux wood shutters too. Having this option can help you get the look you want in areas where traffic is high or moisture is a problem.

Regardless of whether you choose Natural Wood or a Faux Wood shutter, the dramatic effect that you desire can be achieved with careful consideration of the options available. Wood plantation shutters are the choice of many clients and provide them with a rich, natural wood look that provides years of beauty to their home. Other clients have chosen the less expensive faux wood option that has provided them with attractive durability. No matter what option you choose, plantation shutters add flair to your home that will increase its appeal and value. We would like to help you with your design project at Interiors: Blinds and Designs Serving Peachtree City, Newnan, Fayetteville, Senoia, Tyrone, and the surrounding area.